2013 Symposium

CLICK HERE for multimedia from our: 2013 Interior Design Symposium: Well + Being


Design is more than bricks and mortar—it is about human lives, experiences, and quality of living—this symposium aims to start a discourse directed toward the human experience of being. We raise anew the question to reawaken our appreciation for being’s various implications and enhance it with the positive idea of doing so well. Shashi Caan affirms the need for exploration in this area by stating, “to provide meaningful design solutions that meet human needs, we must first define the experiences and qualities that constitute the essential parameters. The new criterion for design has to include a comprehensive understanding of how humans interact with the physical and the phenomenological world. Design must evolve to satisfy yearnings for the intangible, such as peace of mind and trustfulness.” (Caan, 2011) We are seeking contributions that generate new knowledge and design theory, research, and practice that can elaborate and effectively demonstrate well + being in the design of the built environment. The symposium will consist of panel presentations by leading thinkers in the field of design, posters presentations and group explorations and discussions on the topic. Caan, S. (2011). Rethinking Design and Interiors: Human Beings in the Built Environment. London: Laurence King Publishers.



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